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Shop your cocktail gifts here and surprise yourself, friends and family with our award-winning Cocktail Gummies. Blended like a real cocktail using premium spirits, cocktail bitters and dried fruits and herbs. We have the perfect selection box for any occasion.

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What wizardry is this?

Edible alcohol? Can this be real? Did I drink too much vodka?

If you’re visiting our online shop for the first time, the concept of an edible cocktail might still be foreign to you – it might even frighten you or seem too good to be true! Because, unlike any other candy you've ever tasted, Smith & Sinclair is the world’s first gummies made with real alcohol. Mixed just like a cocktail, each gummy is infused with up to 5% alcohol volume and fruit blends to let you eat your drink! No magic and drunk talk! Just delicious gummies with alcohol!

A good party calls for good candy

Enjoy your favourite cocktails and spirits in one delicious bite! From Cosmopolitan and Passionfruit Mojito to Mandarin Spritz and Bourbon Old Fashioned, our gummy shop has all your favourite cocktails covered, with plenty more to explore.

Small in size but packed with flavour, these tiny pieces of edible alcohol can follow you to parties, reunions, monopoly nights, and Netflix sessions to make the night even more enjoyable. Made with everyone in mind, our alcohol gummies are 100% vegan, so shop for the edible version of your favourite cocktail and have a blast with your friends!

About Smith & Sinclair

Long story short: our founders Mel and Emile, fun-loving adults just like you and me, brought their delicious edible cocktail gummies to a dating event they hosted, and their candy instantly became a big hit – so big it needed its own candy shop in Hong Kong! Aside from Hong Kong, our delectable cocktail gummies are also a big hit in the United States and the United Kingdom, where our online candy shop has also taken off. Learn more about our story here.

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Order over $400HK of your favourite edible alcohol, cocktail gummies, and other Smith & Sinclair products in our candy shop and enjoy free delivery to Hong Kong and Macau. We provide fast and melt-proof shipping to ensure your favourite adult candy arrives in the best condition. Learn more about our shipping policy here.

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Do you have any questions or inquiries about our online shop or any edible cocktails and alcohol gummies? Do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or WhatsApp! We love a good chat and always want to hear from you. Learn more about our contact information here.