We're Mint to be Candle Bundle

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You're the mint to my mojito, just like this candle is to our Love Box, they come together...

In this lovely bundle, you'll enjoy 10 amazing gummies of assorted flavours from "The Love Box":
✔️ Berry Daiquiri garnished with Mixed Pepper Sugar
✔️ Cosmopolitan garnished with Lime Sugar
✔️ Passionfruit Mojito garnished with Passionfruit Sugar
✔️ Tequila Sunrise garnished with Orange Sugar
✔️ Mandarin Spritz garnished with Orange Sugar 
and a stunning soy wax candle of
✔️ Mint Mojito 180ml

How does the candle smell?
A refreshing scent for Mint Mojito. It fuses with muddled mint with fun tropical notes of Pineapple, Lime and Rum.

🎁 For him. For her. For them. Give this bundle to the colourful, sassy, and wonderful people in your life. Perfect for Cher-ing.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, more...

Simply rip open the packaging, remove the gummy, and consume in two bites for a real burst of flavour.

Our Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies hold a subtle kick at 5% ABV. Please eat responsibly.