5 Best Christmas Party Games

5 Best Christmas Party Games


The most festive season is here, are you hosting a party this month? Running out of party games idea? Worry not, as Smith & Sinclair has a few fun ideas for you (and for ourselves too) !

 Christmas Party Drink


1. International Drinking Rules

Player must abide by the following set of Christmas-sy rules.

  • No first names. Assign everyone a reindeer name instead.
  • No swearing. Players that slip up go straight on Santa’s naughty list.
  • No saying the word “drink”
  • No finger pointing. Get those antlers back on.
  • Left-handed glass holding only (right handed for Lefties). It displeases the elves.
  • No empty glasses on the table. That just isn’t Christmas.


2. Fuzzy turkey

Sit in a circle. Player One says ‘fuzzy turkey’ to the player to her left.

Player Two says ‘fuzzy turkey’ to the player on their left, and so on, so that the message is passed round the circle.

If someone says ‘does he?’ the phrase changes to ‘turkey fuzz’ and changes direction – until someone says ‘does he?’ again, when the message goes back the other way.

If you mess up – and you will – take a drink.


3. Inflatable Reindeer Antler Game

This game is Christmas themed, and easy to play in the any enviornment.

The Reindeer antlers are easy to inflate and sit on top of one's head. Then take turns throwing rings at these inflatable antlers. If you land one, the "reindeer" has to drink!

A simple and fun game for everyone to enjoy!


4. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

Establish an order in the group.

Then goes through the alphabet, (you can even do it from 'z' to 'a' to challenge the group!) each person says a Christmas related name, item, song, and so on, for the letter they have.

If you hesitate or draw a blank, you have to drink!


5. Who Am I?

Write an identity for your friends. It can be anyone, from cartoon characters to movie stars, from a celebrity to one of your friends. This will become his identity!

Your friend will now have to guess his identity by asking yes-or-no questions!


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