Your 5 minute passionfruit mojito cocktail recipe

Your 5 minute passionfruit mojito cocktail recipe


Fancy a summer cocktail? We've got you! It'll take you 5 minutes, minimum prep and be sure to taste pretty incredible. 

The Smith & Sinclair Passionfruit Mojito.

Here's what you'll need for this sassy cocktail to celebrate today:

- White Rum
- Mint Leaves
- Brown Sugar
- Fresh Passionfruit
- Lime Juice
- Ice
- Soda Water
- Passionfruit Mojito, Alcoholic Cocktail Gummy. (You can pick up some of these in our Lets Celebrate Selection).

And how do you make this wonderful cocktail?

Well... In a cocktails shaker, muddle two sprigs of mint leaves with one tablespoon of brown sugar, add two shots of rum and shake away for about a minute. This will ensure all the flavours are coming together and that the sugar is fully disolving.

After doing so, stir well and then add then add half a glass of lime juice and scoop the inside of the passionfruit into the glass (we recommend a Tom Collins!)

Lastly, fill the glass with ice, top with soda water... and you'd think you were done - but not yet. Grab your Passionfruit Mojito Alcoholic Cocktail Gummy and slit down the middle (not all the way), and use the slit to hold onto the rim of your glass.

And you're good to go!