Celebrate this Christmas with a daily cocktail

Celebrate this Christmas with a daily cocktail

World’s first Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies Advent Calendar!

Celebrate this festive season with a daily “cocktail” by Smith & Sinclair


December marks the start of celebration and party season. The new festive offerings from the geniuses over at Smith & Sinclair, has got your Christmas season covered, whether it’s a house party, a night out or a gift for that special one.

“Naughty or Nice” Countdown Calendar

Smith & Sinclair Advent Calendar

24 x Alcoholic Cocktail Gummy | 5% ABV per gummy | vegan friendly

price: $495

Enjoy counting down to Christmas with this “Naughty or Nice” Advent Calendar! Prepare for Christmas by opening a window each day during advent. Behind each door is one delicious Alcoholic Cocktail Gummy, made real spirits. This XXL box will look so pretty under the tree🎄.

24 gummies of assorted flavours: Gin & Tonic, Mandarin Spritz, Berry Daiquiry, Paloma, Whiskey & Ginger, Elderflower Gin Spritz, Cherry Bramble, Tequila Sunrise, Manhattan, Pineapple Bellini, Tequila Slammer, Old Fashioned, Hibiscus Negroni, Margarita, Passionfruit Mojito, Whiskey Sour, Cosmopolitan, Rasberry Collins, Pina Colada

Warning: When left unattended, the calendar might be empty well before December 24th!


“Naughty or Nice” Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

10 x Alcoholic Cocktail Gummy | 5% ABV per gummy | vegan friendly

price: $225


Jingle all the way with the Naughty or Nice selection of delectable cocktail gummies. The best cocktail you've ever eaten, with a variety of options, enough to please all your friends.

The perfect Christmas Gift of this festive season!

10 gummies of assorted flavours: Gin and Tonic with Lemon Sugar, Cherry and Hibiscus Bramble with Cherry Sugar, Whiskey & Ginger garnished with Ginger Sugar, Mandarin Spritz garnished with Orange Sugar and Tequila Sunrise garnished with Orange Sugar


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Rainbow Market on 13th November

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