The Ultimate Wedding Bar Guide from Smith & Sinclair

The Ultimate Wedding Bar Guide from Smith & Sinclair

Everyone wants to have fun at their own wedding but, as Emile Bernard co-founder of Smith & Sinclair points out, making your wedding a fun experience for guests is key to pulling off one of the most important days of your life. So cancel that gin bar and get ready to pimp your prosecco, Emile is here to share top tips to ensure your wedding bar is one to remember.

Have A Cocktail Hour

If you really want to wow your guests, then throwing a cocktail hour is the way to go. We’ve seen many more couples opting for cocktails rather than wine for their welcome and/or and post-dinner drinks. The only thing is providing cocktails for all guests can be expensive, so if you’re working to a budget then there are ways around racking up a hefty bar bill.

For instance, you could design a simple, signature cocktail with a few easy ingredients which is offered to everyone, rather than giving your guests free reign over a full list of classic recipes. At Smith & Sinclair we have an awesome range of products that would be perfect for this.

Allow Guests to Personalise Their Own Drinks

Weddings are already filled with formality so creating a relaxed atmosphere when it comes to the wedding breakfast is essential. Sharing platters have been on the trend list for a while now because they do just that. They provide the perfect gateway for drinks and conversation to flow, all whilst providing a tasty feast. So why not extend this to your drinks list? Simply put fun, edible garnishes on tables and on the bar, and let your guests go wild with their own creations. Guests can add their own twist to a glass of fizz or spirit with fruit purees, pretty garnishes and herbs.

At Smith & Sinclair we decided to take the idea of edible cocktail garnishes one step further and created an edible garnish spray for your drinks to add a super, stylist twist! Blended with handpicked fruits & flowers like a traditional fragrance, it can also be worn on the skin and be licked off. We don't make the rules!

Give Your Wedding Favours a Boozy Twist

Wedding Gummies Gifts for Friends

With all the time and effort required to prepare for your wedding, finding the best wedding favours should be straightforward and stress-free, but we all know it’s not! What do you go for? Something memorable? Something sentimental? Something handmade? All of the aforementioned are great, but let’s face it, handmade gifts take more time than most of us have and memorable gifts can make a real dent in the budget without you really knowing if the guests will treasure them as much as you do.

So how about a favour that’s fun, frivolous and utterly delicious? At Smith & Sinclair we have created a range of alcoholic cocktail gummies, mixed like a traditional cocktail with fresh fruit, herbs, premium spirits, syrups and then coated with garnish infused sugars, but rather than drinking this cocktail, you consume it in two bites. Plus, each gummy is equivalent to ½ shot of alcohol, which means these wedding favours are sure to get the party started.

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